About Lahore Gymkhana

Lahore Gymkhana is one of the first exclusive private clubs of the Sub-Continent – an exquisite environment reminiscent of the renowned private clubs of 19th century Europe. Walking through the main entrance, the first impression created is that of discreet luxury. The atmosphere is elegant and comfortable. As one settles down in the surroundings, one feels far removed from the cares of the world and completely at ease.

Here, members and their guests enjoy the finest privileges and amenities, unprecedented personal service and an atmosphere of superb, residential comfort with an unparalleled range of sports activities, a variety of superb eateries, sophisticated entertainment and elegant accommodations.

Lahore Gymkhana attract the elite of Lahore’s society, It prides itself on quality as well as diversity of the membership which includes business people, the literati, renowned journalists, celebrated artists, honorable members of the judiciary, civil and armed services, and of course – world class sportspeople. The membership procedure, though arduous and painstaking, aims to select the very best that Lahore has to offer. The Gymkhana family is thus a cherished and valued community nestled in the heart of Lahore.

Lahore Gymkhana is a natural extension of the traditionally open hearted Lahore spirit impeccable in hospitality, service and cuisine. It offers to its members almost all major indoor and outdoor sports facilities like Billiards, Cards, Gymnasium, Squash, Tennis, Swimming, Golf and Cricket. Located on the Upper Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, it also boasts of its lush green Golf Course which is breathtaking, spectacular and awe-inspiring.