Committee of Management


The management of the club affairs is conducted through the committee of mangement selected annually by the permanent members. Any member who has completed five years as a pemanent member is eligible for election and can serve on the Committee for three consective terms of one year each. The Committee also elects a Chairman for amongst its members. In order to conduct the affairs of Club, the Committee of Management makes rules, Sub-rules or bye-laws consistent with the Memorandum & Articles of Association of Lahore Gymkhana.




Mr Kamran Lashari                             Chairman

                                                             New Plans, Upkeep & Beautification

Dr. Jawad Sajjid Khan                        Administration

Mian Misbah ur Rehman                   

Khawaja Imran Zubair                       Finance & Card Room

Mr. Shaukat Javed                              Golf

Dr. Ali Razaque                                  Guest Rooms

Mr. Sami ur Rehman                          Sports (Squash, Tennis, Billiard & Cricket)


Mr. Ahsan Saeed Mian                       Entertainment

Mrs. Samira Maroof Khan                 Gymnasium

Mian Parvez Bhandara                      

Mian Javed Zahur                               Food & Beverages

Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi            Library & Newsletter

                                                            Women & Youth


The Club Secretary

The Committee of Management appoints a Secretary to the Club for the general administration of the affairs of the Club. All correspondence in connection with the affairs of the Club is to be addressed to:

The Secretary,
The Lahore Gymkhana
Upper Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam