Message from Chairman

Dear Members.

The first edition of the Handbook containing essential information of facilities available at the Lahore Gymkhana and the rules and regulations pertaining to various disciplines was published in the years 2001. It has served the members in good stead as a guide and ready reference since then. However, on account of the changes and developments that have taken place over the years, it is now time for the updating and review of the Handbook.

The Lahore Gymkhana belongs to the members and for them it is home away from home. It is not a business or a commercial venture. Therefore, beings one of the oldest clubs in the sub-continent, Lahore Gymkhana dearly values its traditions and conservative character. Nevertheless, it cannot remain oblivious to the changes taking place around us. Further, the club has now grown into a huge complex calling for additional facilities in various disciplines and upgradation of the existing ones.

The Management suitably responded to these exigencies. Club facilities were upgraded and expanded to provide quality service to larger number of members. Rules were reviewed from time to time to respond to the changing condition, a new Golf House and a Hostel were added. A modern Health Club is under construction and expansion of the library, Dining Hall and Lounge are on the cards,

Because of all these developments, it had become imperative to bring out an updated edition of the Handbook for the convenience and guidance of members. Accordingly, the COM is pleased to present to you the second edition of the Handbook. Your suggestion for its improvement or inclusion of any essential missing information are most welcome


Yours Sincerely,