Food & Beverage

Food served at Lahore Gymkhana is of a very high standard and is renowned all over Lahore for its excellence. With several facilities catering to all tastes, it is exquisitely prepared and reasonably priced. The Food & Beverage department always strives to maintain and upgrade the quality of food with innovations like weekly Bar – B – Q, Sea Food and Take-away’s.

Inside the Gymkhana, stylish and elegant furnishings set the ultimate stage for a cast of knowledgeable staff members to perform culinary magic and the art of personal service. The Main Dining Room and the adjoining Lounge are complemented by two unique private dining Café’s and two elegant Banquet Rooms for special events. Each Café and Dining Hall reflects its own individual style, from the drama of a fast food joint to the old-world opulence, from a cozy evening for two to a working lunch or a family get-together dinner; these offer the Gymkhana’s grandeur with the added luxury of complete privacy.

Eating outdoors especially on the back lawns of main Club building is an exhilarating experience. The serene effect create by the tall trees swaying merrily in the soft evening breeze, the bliss of the lake against the backdrop of the Golf Course – augment the pleasure of relishing the luxurious food manifold.

Sunday Brunch is served with lots of mouth-watering dishes and fresh juice – and ideal way to start a Sunday with the family, during the lovely warm winters i.e. from November to February.

Weekend B.B.Q. Dinner is arranged throughout the summer with a special layout of salads, B.B.Q., buffet and live music.