Annex 2


  • All the members are expected to strictly observe match timings and if any member defaults in this behalf he will not be entitled to play the match. Final team for a match is announced ten minutes before the commencement of match.
  • The office bearers of cricket are charged with the authority to run the affairs of the cricket and to ensure maintenance of discipline in cricket.
  • All the members of Lahore Gymkhana cricket shall obey the orders of Captain while in the cricket ground and shall not challenge his decision during the course of the game.
  • Any member having grievance can have recourse to the Ground Committee comprising Honorary Manager, Captain, Vice Captain and the Honorary Secretary Cricket. Ground Committee shall decide the matter.
  • No member shall breach the discipline of the Club either by challenging the decision of any of the office bearers or by misbehaving with any of the office bearers of cricket.
  • If any member is not satisfied with the decision of Ground Committee then the matter shall be referred to the Committee of Management for final decision.
  • If any of the office bearers is aggrieved with the conduct of any player, he shall lodge a written complaint against the particular player to the Committee of Management for an early action against the delinquent player.
  • No member shall vociferously criticize the strategy and the planning of the Captain regarding the game either in the ground or inside the pavilion.
  • Selection of the team will be made from the members available in cricket ground in order of seniority and merit before the commencement of match.
  • Sunday matches are of vital importance. Therefore, the teams for these matches shall be picked up from members strictly on merit irrespective of seniority.