Annex 4


  • Guests/Non Members are not permitted to use the Gymnasium.
  • Please consult the Coach before starting exercise
  • Don’t disturb others during work out
  • Please put the weights back on the stand after use
    • All members are requested to drop weights on provided mats only
    • In case use jogging machine/treadmills for twenty-five minutes only
    • Please observe special instructions on the use of treadmills
    • Smoking is not allowed inside the Gym
    • Eatables are not allowed inside the Gym
  • Please place all your valuables and belongings in the locker otherwise Club will not be responsible for any loss
  • Please don’t touch the music system and TV only the Coach is authorized to handle them.
  • Members using Gymnasium must register at the reception desk and obtain Gym subscription card by producing Club membership card.
  • The Coach and the Receptionist have the responsibility to check identity of Gym user and to ensure proper entry in the monthly subscription register. Please show courtesy and allow them to discharge their responsibilities.
  • A Register is kept in the Gym for recording complaints or comments
  • Members may not reprimand any Gym servant personally. Complaints may be made to the Secretary or entered in the Register.