Annex 6


3 The Swimming Pool will remain open during the swimming season

  • The Swimming Pool will be used strictly by members and accompanying guests on payment as decided by the Committee.
  • The Pool timings as laid down by the Committee and displayed on the Notice Board will be strictly observed.
  • Private servants are not allowed within the Swimming Pool area and in front of the entrance of the Pool.
  • Though Life Guards are generally available at the pool during swimming hours, yet all the members and their families will use the swimming pool


  • Children below the age of 7 years must be accompanied by parents or an elderly member of the family who would be responsible for the safety of the child. Children below the age of 4 years are not allowed in the Main Pool.
  • Parents are requested to advise their children to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while swimming or present within the pool area.
  • For swimming, appropriate swimming attire must be worn. In case of long hair wearing of bathing cap is mandatory.
  • No food items other than those supplied at the Swimming Pool Snack Bar will be brought / consumed. Eating inside the Pool is forbidden. Entire Pool area is NO SMOKING AREA.
  • Showers and foot path must be used every time before entering the Pool.
  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or discharging bodily waste in the Pool is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are not permitted in Swimming Pool area.
  • No towels are provided at the Pool showers.
  • The Club takes no responsibility whatsoever for valuables or clothing items left behind on proceeding to the pool. Valuables like watches, wallets, etc. may be deposited with the attendant at the Pool at owner’s own risk.
  • No sports equipment/toys other than recognized pool equipment are to be used within the Swimming Pool area.
  • Members of the reciprocating clubs will be allowed to use the Pool at usual charges for not more than 14 days at a time on production of Introduction Card.
  • Water polo & other activities causing disturbance to the swimmers in the Pool are prohibited.
  • For safety of children running on the Pool apron or pushing each other into the Pool is forbidden. Shouting and unnecessary noise must be avoided.
  • Use of transistor radio/tape recorder in the Pool area is not allowed.
  • Lanes 1, 2 and 3 are meant for LAP swimmers only at the New Pool.
  • Wearing of shoes is not allowed on Pool sides.
  • Non members/non swimmers are not allowed to sit in the Pool
    area except for the parents of the children using the Pool.