Categories of Members/Entrance Fee

There are eight categories of membership of Lahore Gymkhana Club:

  1. Regular Members
  2. Permanent Members
  3. Out-Station Members
  4. Honorary Members
  5. Mess Members
  6. Absentee Members
  7. Non-earning Members
  8. Corporate Members
  9. Lady Members
  10. Foreign/Diplomatic Members

In addition to the above, the Committee may, at its discretion, permit an applicant to use the Club facilities before finalizing the matter of his/her admission in accordance with Article 4(vi) of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Such users of Club facilities are not entitled to bring in guests or book guest rooms or party halls.

The admission procedure and rights and obligations of Members under various categories are given in the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Club.


  1. Such persons who are residents of Lahore or Lahore Cantt may be admitted as Regular Members of the Lahore Gymkhana by the Committee under the Articles.
  2. Regular Members are entitled to the enjoyment of all amenities provided by the Lahore Gymkhana but they are not entitled to take part in or vote at the General Meetings of the Lahore Gymkhana.
  3. Regular Members will ordinarily pay in cash for the goods supplied to them. They may, however, sign for these supplies to the extent of the deposit placed by them with the Lahore Gymkhana which shall not be less than Rs.3000/- at a time.


  1. All those Regular Members who are/have been made Permanent by the Committee of Management from time to time.
  2. Regular members may, after a period of five years, be admitted as Permanent Members of the Lahore Gymkhana if there is a vacancy in the number of Permanent Members of whom the limit shall be fixed by the General Body on the grounds of good management. However, the existing vacancies shall be filled at the ratio of 80% on seniority and 20% by the COM.
  3. Regular Member may not be granted Permanent Membership on any of the following grounds:-
    • Being a defaulter in payment of dues on more than three occasions and having been posted on that account.
    • Having been involved in any incident or activity considered by the COM to be prejudicial to the interest of the Club or discipline of the members. This will include any misconduct (Article 11) etc. by the family members or guests of the member concerned.
    • Having acquired an undesirable reputation.
    • Not using the Club enough.
  4. Member will be entitled to sign, without deposit, for the goods purchased by him in the Lahore Gymkhana up to a limit of Rs.3000/- (this limit may be changed by the Committee of Management as circumstances warrant).


  1. Out-station membership shall not be available to those members who are on “Invitation” or are regular. It shall also not be admissible to those members who are “POSTED” out by, the Club. However, Permanent Members, who shift their residence or place of business to an outside station, from the limits of Lahore or Lahore Cantt for a period of six months or more, on application made in that behalf, may be treated as out-station members.
  2. Members shifting their residence outside Lahore are required to inform the Club in writing well in advance of their departure. Their status during the same period shall be “Outstation Member”. On return, the members should inform the Club in writing of their arrival in Lahore so that their membership is made operative. Permanent members when “Outstation” are also charged reduced monthly subscription. The Regular Members irrespective of their place of posting/residence will have to pay full monthly subscription.
  3. An outstation Permanent Member will pay Rs. 250/- per month inclusive of the use of Library and other indoor amenities, including films shown by the Lahore Gymkhana. This will not cover games subscription. Also, if such member uses the Lahore Gymkhana for more than eight days in a month he will be charged full subscription for the month for a Regular/Permanent Member.


The Committee may invite any distinguished personage, whether resident in the country or a visitor to Pakistan, to be an Honorary Member of the Club.


The Committee may, at its discretion, on the request of the Commanding Officer of a Unit stationed in Lahore Cantonment, elect members of that Unit’s Mess as members of the Lahore Gymkhana, without entrance fee.

  1. For member of a Mess to become a member of the Lahore Gymkhana it shall be necessary for him/her to submit a form of application duly countersigned in token of their support by the Officer Commanding of his/her Unit and the Mess President or Mess Secretary of the Unit.
  2. On a member being so recommended and on his/her name being accepted he/she shall, ipso facto, become a member of the Lahore Gymkhana and shall individually be subject to the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Lahore Gymkhana.
  3. Liability for the collection of all dues from Mess Members shall fall upon the Unit which sponsored them.
  4. Any Mess Member, either on transfer from Lahore Cantonment or on leaving the Defense Services, shall cease to be a member of the Club.


  1. Subject to Article 5, any member going out of the country for more than one calendar month will be an Absentee Member. Members leaving for overseas are required to inform the Club in writing well in advance of their departure. Their status during the same period shall be “Absentee Member”. On return, the members should inform the Club in writing of their arrival in Lahore so that their membership is made operative.
  2. Permanent and Regular “Absentee” members are charged subscription @ Rs.50/- per month, for the absentee period, with a maximum of upto Rs.1,000/- on their return to the country, before converting their membership status to the normal membership.


Children of members between the ages of 18 and 27 may be taken as non-earning members. Such category of members will be entitled to use only the sports facilities of the Club and will not be allowed to use the Main Building, without being accompanied by their parents.


Public Limited Companies quoted in the Stock Exchange will be eligible to become Corporate Members, upon payment of fees determined by the Committee from time to time. Such membership shall be open only to the Chief Executive or his nominee who should be a member of the Company not below the rank immediately under the Chief Executive. However, foreign state owned companies are eligible for Corporate Membership without their registration with Stock Exchange.


Upon death of a member the spouse, on request, within a two year period, may be enrolled as LADY MEMBER without any membership fee. However, the LADY MEMBER shall not be entitled to attend General Body meetings or to cast vote in Club elections. This membership shall automatically terminate on death or resignation.


Pakistanis having dual nationality and foreigners of non-Pakistani origin can be enrolled as Members for three years at a time against payment of US $ 5000/-. Members of foreign diplomatic missions can be offered membership against a fee of US $ 1000/- for one year on year to year basis.


  1. When a candidate for club membership is called for interview, his/her Proposer/Seconded must be present at the given time to introduce the candidate to the members of the COM before the interview.
  2. Candidates who are obliged to change their Proposer/Seconded due to a valid reason must obtain a formal permission in this behalf at least one week before the date of interview.


When a member has more than one wives, only one wife and her children can avail of the Club facilities and it shall be the first wife and her children unless the Member expresses his will in writing to exclude the name of the first wife and her children from the computer record and nominates the other wife and her children for issuance of club membership cards.


Prerequisites for the grant of club membership to members’ children would be the same as applicable to candidates for Open General Membership with the exception that in the case of daughters of Permanent Members the educational qualification will be reduced to FA/FSC or equivalent while her spouse has to be at least a graduate.


Membership Category Fee
Other than Government Servant


Serving/Retd Government Servant


Member’s Children for Non-earning


Member’s Children for Regular


Corporate for 15 years


Change of Nominee (Corporate)


Foreigners for two years

US$ 6,600

Diplomats for one year

US$ 3,300




  1. For the purpose of Club Entrance Fee, Government Servants are defined as those who have entered the services through Federal or Provincial Public Service Commission or through Inter-Services Selection Board.
  2. Difference of Entrance Fee, if any, at the time of grant of Membership, will be charged accordingly