Lahore Gymkhana offers to its members almost all major indoor and outdoor sports facilities like Cards, Billiards, Gymnasium, Squash, Tennis, Swimming, Golf and Cricket. The Club has been the venue of numerous national & international tournaments/matches of various sports disciplines. Every sports activity is controlled, supervised, organized and maintained by a Captain and Honorary Secretary who are nominated from amongst the permanent members by the Conveners of the respective sports committee in consultation with the Committee of Management.

A member or his family member who once registers himself/herself for any sports activity continues to be charged on monthly basis until the member / family member gets his / her name deleted from that particular sports register. Non-members / out-station guests are allowed to use the sports facilities as per the rules prescribed by the Sports Committee against cash payment. However, no guests or non-members are allowed in the Gymnasium.

The most current Rules and Regulations and rates of monthly subscriptions for various sports activities are available with the respective Captain/Honorary Secretary/Manager and are also displayed prominently on the Notice Boards. The general Rules governing various sports activities currently in force are given in the Annexure 1-7.


The Card Room is situated on the ground floor of the Main Club Building. Its entrance is out of the main reception lobby. Lahore Gymkhana Members and guests from affiliated clubs are entitled to use the Card Room. The Card Room is open from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight. The Dress Regulations do not apply in the Card Room. However, it is expected that the members using the Card Room are neatly dressed.