Lahore Gymkhana has two blocks of guest rooms known as the Old Block and New Block for the convenience of its out-station members and guest members from affiliated Club. The Old Block has 20 rooms and the New Block 47 rooms. The rules and regulations for the use of guest rooms are as follows:.


Following are eligible for booking guest rooms at the Gymkhana Club:

  1. Lahore Gymkhana “Outstation” members.
  2. Members of Affiliated Clubs.
  3. Lahore Gymkhana members for their outstation guests.


  1. The maximum number of days for which a room can be booked at one stretch is fifteen days only. First extension may be allowed by the Secretary whereas the second shall be granted by the Convener Guest Rooms under special circumstances, subject to the availability of rooms.
  2. Guest/s will have to vacate the room on due date.Extension in stay will only be considered if there is no other reservation for that period. In case of violation of this rule, member/guest will be debarred from booking of room/s.

c. Room Charges: (subject to change)

Rates (Exclusive of G.S.T.) Delux Rooms:

Single: Rs 4500+(G.S.T. Rs 720)=5220

Double: RsĀ 5400+ (G.S.T. Rs 864)=6264

Extra bedding: Rs 500

Person Carrying foreigner passport would be charged additional Rs 1000/-


  1. Meals may be served in the Guest Rooms on payment of such additional room service charges as may be fixed from time to time. Service charges will be levied for such services.
  2. Children up to the age of 7 years are allowed to stay free of charge.
  3. Room rates are subject to revision by the Committee of Management.

d. Procedure of Booking Guest Rooms:

  1. Bookings are taken on “first come first served” basis subject to availability of rooms.
  2. Bookings are made on the production of an “Introduction Card” from the affiliated club and on the production of “Lahore Gymkhana Card” by the Gymkhana members for their guests.
  3. Accommodation is provided on receipt of Advance Payment for the anticipated period of stay at the time of checking in.
  4. If the guests do not check in within six hours of the indicated check-in time, the booking will be cancelled and 50% of that day’s charges will be deducted from the advance payment.
  5. Check-in Card must be filled in by the guest in his/her own handwriting.
  6. Checkout time is 02:00 p.m.
  7. Rooms shall not be booked between 11:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m.
  8. Gymkhana Club does not provide any live-in facilities for drivers / personal servants of the guests.


Outstanding bills must be cleared before departure. All payments must be made in cash or through credit card. Lahore Gymkhana members will be responsible for the payment of all outstanding bills of their guests.


  1. Guests will be held personally responsible for the status, conduct and behavior of person/s visiting them in the rooms.
  2. Visitors are not allowed in the Guest Rooms at night after 11:00 p.m. National Identity Card of each lady guest must be handed in at the Reception Desk
  3. Any violation of the sanctity, dignity and nonĀ­observance of prescribed club rules and dress regulations, by members or their guests will result in the guests having to vacate their room/s immediately. Such member/s shall be black-listed and debarred by the Committee from future use of the Club facilities.
  4. Holding of parties is not permitted in the Guest Rooms.
  5. There shall be no room service between 11:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m.
  6. Club does not take any responsibility for the loss of cash / valuables from the Guest Rooms or the Club premises. Articles / belongings left anywhere by anyone if found will be handed over to the Secretary. A list of such articles will be maintained and a copy pasted at the Notice Board, from time to time. If any such articles are not claimed, identified and returned within three months from the date of reporting, the same shall be sold and the proceeds credited to the Club’s account.