The Committee may call upon any member, who fails to comply with any of the Article of Association, Rules, Bye-Laws or directions of the Committee, or who may be guilty of conduct regarded by the Committee as prejudicial to the interests of the Lahore Gymkhana, to show cause as to why such conduct should not be dealt with by the Committee.

The Committee will dispose of all cases of Violation of Club Rules by the Members as under:

  1. 1st Violation — Suspension of Membership for a period depending on the severity of violation..
  2. 2nd Violation — Change of membership status from Permanent to Regular and Regular to Invitation.
  3. 3rd Violation — Termination of membership with due notice.
  4. In case of violation of Rules by an Invitation member his Invitation will be straightaway withdrawn.
  5. In case of Violation of Rules by a Non-earning Member his Non-earning Membership will be suspended for a period ranging from 3 to 12 months.
  6. In case of a violation or misconduct of a very serious or grave
    nature by a member, the Committee may proceed to terminate his/her membership straightaway.


Members of all categories, including Permanent Members, shall cease to be such upon:

  1. Tendering resignation in writing to the Secretary.
  2. His or her name having been removed under Article 6, or
  3. The passing of a resolution by not less then three-fourths of the membership of the Committee of Management excluding him or her from membership.