Parking & Traffic Arrangements

  1. Parking of vehicles in the Club premises is entirely at Member’s Own Risk.
  2. Members and their guests shall:
    • Park their vehicles in designated Club Parking area and ensure that no Double Parking takes place.
    • Collect Parking Slip/Card from the security staff before entering the parking lot.
    • Lock their cars/vehicles properly and apply safety devices such as crook lock etc.
    • Return the Parking Slip/Card to the Security Staff at the out gate when leaving the Club premises.
    • Observe special traffic arrangements for large functions.
  3. Follow the system for calling drivers
  4. Observe the system regarding movement of drivers and their waiting place
  5. Avoid to park vehicles at the place designated for disabled persons


Removal of any Club property from the Club premises or shifting within the Club area by a member or his guest without proper permission of Club Administration is prohibited. Any member or his guest found responsible for destruction of or damage to any article belonging to the Club either accidental or willful will be liable to pay such replacement cost of the article broken or damaged as the Committee may determine in each case.