Monthly bills are to be paid by 30th of each month following the month to which they relate. Payment may be made in cash or through cheque drawn in favour of Lahore Gymkhana Club or through a credit card. Payment of bills may be made between 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. to the Cashier of the Club and receipt be invariably obtained.

The Cashier office remains closed during the prayer times including Friday prayers.


  1. Order Voucher: Order voucher must be signed by the Member at the time of placing an order, clearly indicating his name and membership number.
  2. Credit Voucher: Credit Voucher must be signed before leaving the place of service.
  3. Cash Voucher: Signing of cash voucher is mandatory even if the payment is to be made through cash by Affiliated Club members.


No member shall give money or gratuity to any Lahore Gymkhana staff on any pretext, for the work and services connected with the Lahore Gymkhana. Staff member/s demanding tips is / are liable to instant dismissal. Complaints on this account, if any, may be made to the Secretary.