An air-conditioned and well stocked `Shoppe’ is situated near the old block of Guest Rooms. A large parking area in front of the Shoppe has been provided for the convenience of the Members. The prices of bakery items and other merchandize sold at the Shoppe are most reasonable and generally below the market prices. Special emphasis is placed on selling only quality goods and fresh products.

Members and their families are welcome to use the Shoppe and while visiting it, are expected to observe the following:

  • Carry their Club Membership Cards at all times and produce the same when requested by the Shoppe staff for billing or identification.
  • Domestic servants/drivers are not allowed to accompany the Members into the “Shoppe”
  • When Members send their purchase orders through’ their domestic servants, the order must be on printed “purchase requisition slip” of the Shoppe. Purchase requisition books are available at the Shoppe.
  • Drivers and domestic servants are required to use “service counter” specially provided for collection of orders.
  • Cash sales are not allowed to members of Lahore Gymkhana.